Von Adler Academy

Updates 12/25

Updates for 12/25

Hi everyone. So we are about a month out from starting and I just wanted to provide a quick update and a list of action items so you can anticipate what is coming.

Main Page

The Main page will be completed on 1/3 and will provide everything you will need to get started on the ground level.


Characters will need to be completed by January 15th. This is mostly so I can issue your school IDs. Yep. IDs. We are getting next level fancy here.

Plot Overview

Will be completed by January 3rd, feel free to check out the main page periodically for updates on this.

Von Adler Gazette

There will be a school paper incorporated into the campaign as well. I did this for one of my other settings at it seemed to work well to fill in context and background for what was happneing in the game world around PC actions.



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