Class: Protector (Druid)
Level: One
Ability Scores:

Theme: Animal Master
(particularly cats)

Strength: 10
Constitution: 15
Dexterity: 8
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 19
Charisma: 13

Dungeoneering: 9
Endurance: 6
Insight: 9
Nature: 9
Perception: 9

Human Nature Lore
Implement Expertise (Staff)

Melee Basic Attack
Ranged Basic Attack
Jolt of Lightning
Magic Stones
Distracting Attack (cat friend attacks!)
Call forth the Spirit Pack (of alley cats!)
Summon Natural Ally
Air Spirit
Call the Spirits
Senses of the Wild
Heroic Effort
Nature’s Growth

Adventurer’s Kit


Main Details

Character: Antigone
Player: Celeste
Class: Protector (Druid)
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Summarized Biography:

Antigone was once a professor at a nameless, undisclosed school, but due to her eccentric brilliance and very liberal educational values, she departed/ was cast out from the community. Now she wanders from campus to campus, a ghost. Once she takes up “residence”, the locals begin to note strange occurrences across campus. Members of the administration suffer unexpected embarrassments when secret information about academic corruption has been leaked to local news sources. Faculty members have their offices tricked. Students of different kinds find themselves either favored or pranked by the unseen presence, as if protected by a guardian angel or haunted by a pesty personal demon.

Now, she decided to make the Von Adler academy her home. Dressed like a typical academic/ researcher, but armed with a hat, scarf, sunglasses, and cane, disguising her age and identity, she wanders into the back of the classroom, ready for the games to begin…

Detailed Physical Description

Age: 50
Sex: female
Hair:(ex.: Color, texture, length) Dark, threaded with grey, with a witch’s streak.
Eyes:(ex.: Shape, Color): Hazel
Skin: (ex.: Color, Texture, Freckles, Glowy Stuff): Pale, somewhat wizened
Height & Weight:(Please refer to your race attributes): 5’ 8”
Physical Build: (ex.: Athletic, Slender, Sickly, Overweight) Slender, a slight handicap in the leg, requires a staff to walk straight.
Clothing: (ex.: Detail, Quality, Fit. This Includes Armor.) Prefers unassuming academic attire, somewhat dusty, somewhat patched, easily blends into academic background, urban streets, “hides in plain sight”. An occasional fan of patchy costumes. Hide Armor.

Key Personality traits:

Summary of Personality: A female variant of Jeff Goldblum… fits the Sherlock Holmes/ House archetype. Cynical, perceptive, eccentric. She has a special affinity for cats.


What is the Goal of this Character?

To undermine bureaucratic tyranny and academic standardization and defend more natural and intuitive forms of education, like games, prototyping, roleplay, simulation, and cultural emmersion. She believes that education should be customized to the individual.

What is the Character’s plan to achieve the goal?

She wanders the academic wasteland, a vagabond moving from campus to campus. When she finds a local haunt in need of her quiet, yet pesky revolution, she takes up temporary residence, haunting the library or laboratory, the walls and tunnels, playing pranks and tricks on the administration, staff, faculty, and students, who, depending on their temperaments, find these tricks amusing, annoying, intolerable, or depraved. She’s a bit of a robin hood/ detective who’s out to undermine the system, or…. at the very least to undermine specific individuals she believes have warped it to their desires.

Character Background

Family: Her family is an oddball bunch of artists, musicians, gypsies, mathematicians and other assorted occupations. They have a tendency of showing up at the strangest moments and locations, and can be both helpful and detrimental to the situation.

Religion: She pursues the truth, whether simple or complex.

Habits/Vices: Habitual cynic. Perpetually analyzing. Weakness for a good bottle of Pinot Noire. Plays Cello. Pets cats.

Education: She has learned from an assortment of masters in various disciplines, but is primarily and enormously self-taught.

Personality: See above.

She has a cat companion who she is very fond of. She loves cats, and seems to be able to communicate with them in an almost psychic fashion. She also loves playing cello, learning strange and new things, she loves courderoy and well-worn kashmir, and she loves pinot noire. She also has a fierce love/hate relationship with technology. She’s always quick to grumble about “newfangled technology”, but has an unexpected affinity for “household” hacking, MacGyver style.

Dislikes: Bureaucrats, standardized education. She also has a fierce love/hate relationship with technology – see above.

Fears: Fears being controlled, locked up, or bound (metaphorically or physically).

Combat Style:

Views on Combat: She is rarely one to start a fight, but when it is strategically necessary, so be it. When she finds herself in one, she is one tough old broad.

Feelings on killing: She prefers to avoid it – she prefers outwitting her opponent to destroying them. She’s rather “teach them a lesson”. Still, if she must, she will kill coldly and cleanly.
Feelings on dying: She’s prefer to avoid it.

Treatment of enemies: She looks forward to matching wits with anyone worthy of her intellect.

Treatment of Allies: She can be sardonic at times, even outright difficult, but underneath it all, you know she has your back.

Movements: While healthy for her age, she has a bad leg that impedes movement. Instead she relies on her staff and powers. If necessary, however, she packs a decently strong punch.

Victory: A brief moment of self-satisfaction, and then onward to the next challenge.

Defeat: Cynical humor or silent calculation


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