Lavette Pristine Blair



Class: Wizard (Bladesinger)
Level: 1
Theme: Explorer

Ability Scores:
STR 10, CON 10, DEX 16, INT 18, WIS 12, CHA 10

Trained Skillz:
Acrobatics(8), arcane(9), History(9), Insight(7), Perception(7)

Arcane Familiar
Light Blade Expertise

Wizard At-Will: Dazzling Sunray, Shadow Sever, Unseen Hand
Wizard Encounter: Bladesong
Wizard Daily: Burning Hands

Human bonus at-will:
Witch Bolt

Character Theme Power:
Surefooted Stride

Leather Armor, Adventure’s Kit, Rapier


Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Summarized Biography: Lavette has always wanted to break free and explore, far away from her family. She believes the first step into doing so is to move away for the rest of her schooling.

Age: 19
Sex: Female
Distinguishing Features: Brightly colored hair.
Hair: Long, choppy. Blonde, however it’s always dyed an unnaturally bright color.
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Light
Height & Weight: 5’7", 123 pounds
Physical Build: Toned, athletic.
Clothing: Trendy, chic, modern. Likes to wear layers of clothes.

Key Personality traits:

Summary of Personality: Lavette is a big fan of keeping up with the seasons latest, hottest, new looks. She’s strict on mastering her skills but likes to have fun while doing so. She’s often mistaken to not be paying attention to things around her, however she is fully aware. Likes the idea of being judged by her “cover,” this way she gains an advantage over people.
What is the Goal of this Character? Wants to carry on a good name for her family. She plans on being known for her wild adventures, creativity, and fighting abilities.
What is the Character’s plan to achieve the goal? Keep her mind open and focused. Work hard, play hard.

Character Background

Family: The Blair family is a wealthy family of many talents. Full of actors, dancers, explorers, scientist, and athletes. It’s a big family. she has 5 older brothers and no sisters. Everyone always has something going on all at once. Lavette’s parents allowed her to move out and away to focus on her own path.
Religion: doesn’t follow a religion.
Habits/Vices: Too curious. Wondering around or getting into things she is not supposed to.
Education: Went to private schools her whole life. Thought they were boring. Goofed off a lot, but passed classes with flying colors. Retaining important information comes naturally for her.
Personality: Thrill seeking, well composed, easy going, social, vivacious, and at times intrusive.
Likes: Observing. Brainteasers. Fencing. Competition. Exploring. Fashion. Art.
Dislikes: Direct orders or being stared at. She also hates her middle name or her full name being said out loud.
Fears: Voodoo stories or losing a limb.

Combat Style:

Views on Combat: exercises the mind and body simultaneously. Thrilling.
Stance: Usually a hand on her hip, waiting for the first move.
Feelings on killing: If it’s pure evil with no ways of reasoning with it, then it must be dealt with as quickly as possible.
Feelings on dying: Doesn’t fear death, doesn’t want to die. She knows everything dies and everything has its time.
Treatment of enemies: If they’re too ignorant to reason, then she doesn’t really want to deal with them. The more intelligent , the more interesting. Would prefer converting her enemies into allies.
Treatment of Allies: She’ll respect, tolerate, and look out for her comrades. Likes to bring out the best in them. Wants to see their “wild” sides.
Movements: Swift, playful, taunting, and misleading.
Victory: Will enjoy a good outcome and the experience she gains out of it… Next.
Defeat: She’ll obsess over finding that “Achilles hill” or will attempt to make her weak points stronger.

Lavette Pristine Blair

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