Reginald Von Adler

Clean-cut captain of a community fencing team, trust fund baby.


Class: Warlord (Inspiring Presence)
Level: 1
Theme: Noble

Ability Scores:
STR 18, CON 10, DEX 10, INT 12, WIS 10, CHA 16

Athletics, Diplomacy, Endurance, Heal, History

Armor Finesse, Improved Inspiring Word

Human Power: Additional At-Will Power
Warlord At-Will: Commander’s Strike, Rousing Assault, Wolf Pack Tactics
Warlord Encounter: Inspiring Word, Guarding Attack
Warlord Daily: Bastion of Defense
Noble Encounter: Noble Presence

Rapier, Fencing Equipment (chainmail, light shield), Adventurer’s Kit

  • Race: Human (caucasian)
  • Alignment: Good
  • Summarized Biography: Living a privileged life off of a healthy inheritance, Reginald hones his skills as a natural leader while seeking his family line’s ultimate legacy.

Detailed Physical Description

  • Age: 19
  • Sex: Male
  • Distinguishing Features: Piercing gaze, straight posture.
  • Hair: Short, light brown. Often slicked back.
  • Eyes: Blue.
  • Skin: Fair.
  • Height & Weight: 6’0", lean.
  • Physical Build: Athletic.
  • Clothing: Well-fitted suit in most situations. Fencing outfit is well-maintained.

Key Personality Traits

  • Summary of Personality: Confident, introspective, reverent, courteous, disciplined, kind, old-fashioned. Strong sense of leadership and teamwork. Proud of heritage, somewhat self-entitled.
  • What is the Goal of this Character? Reginald’s goal is to discover the history of his family. Reginald was adopted, and at age 15 discovered his true surname, “Von Adler.” Ever since, he has been determined to discover everything he can about his ancestry, which seems to suggest a long line of military strategists.
  • What is the Character’s plan to achieve the goal? Reginald is going to begin by enrolling at Von Adler Academy, the college which shares his surname. Hopefully he can find more information about his family there; in the meantime, he continues to study military history and practice his leadership skills in order to preserve his family’s past.

Character Background

  • Family: Orphan. Raised by a foster parent, both Reginald and his caretaker live handsomely off of a sizable inheritance.
  • Religion: Christian, although not devout.
  • Habits/Vices: Feels entitled to step into a role of leadership in any situation, whether or not such a role is needed (or wanted). Reginald enjoys a good scotch now and again, but mostly steers clear of substance abuse.
  • Education: Reginald attended private school all his life. Well-educated.
  • Personality: Debonair demeanor, Reginald keeps to himself and is a disciplined individual. Very dry sense of humor. Cares a great deal about earning the respect of others and living up to his family name. High attention to detail, very clean.
  • Likes: Exercise, studying, fencing, organizing groups of people into a cohesive unit, military films and history, classical music, scotch, and maintaining his physical appearance.
  • Dislikes: Smoking, modern music, cowardice, lack of direction in a group setting, arrogance (other than his own), and promiscuity.
  • Fears: Reginald’s greatest fear is discovering that his family’s legacy may be either out of his reach or not as honorable as he first thought. He also believes that if he were to die, his family’s legacy would die with him.

Combat Style:

  • Views on Combat: Combat is a necessity and a means to an end. Verbal debate and swordplay are one in the same; combat determines who is right. In a group setting, whichever side has the greatest unit cohesion is destined to be victorious.
  • Stance: Fluid, proper, graceful. A practiced fencing stance.
  • Feelings on killing: Reginald would only kill if the lives of him or his allies were threatened. He is not against violence, but he is against pointless murder.
  • Feelings on dying: Reginald hates the idea of death out of combat, but finds a warrior’s death to be a romantic ideal.
  • Treatment of enemies: Utmost respect. Reginald has learned to never underestimate an opponent.
  • Treatment of Allies: Kindred brothers in arms. A group is only as strong as its weakest link, and Reginald is willing to ensure that even the weakest member of the group can hold his or her own.
  • Movements: Decisive, quick, defensive. Prefers to strike first and then prepare to riposte.
  • Victory: Gracious in victory, and ready to share the glory with his allies (so long as they know that it was the blood of the Von Adler family line that aided in their success!).
  • Defeat: Externally, Reginald is humbled by defeat. However, defeat secretly causes him great discomfort, and Reginald treats any loss as a failure to live up to his family name. He keeps these painful feelings of failure pent up inside his heart, fueling his disciplined drive.

Reginald Von Adler

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