Quest Set up

There have been an increased number of fire related injuries in the campus labs and kitchens. At first, school officials were lead to believe these accidents where the cause of faulty equipment. After an extensive equipment replacement initiative, it was noted that the frequency of burn incidents did note decrease.

Several investigations, and investigation teams, later the Academy has been able to locate the source to a rogue paranormal element. This unidentified paranormal source is capable of generating massive amounts of heat around it sparking objects, including humans, into flames. The body of this creature is composed of semi-solid fluids and are colored a deep red.

We have been able to successfully qaurintine the creature in the furnace area of the utlity basement. However, the path to the creature is marred by fires and fire demons created from the bodies of your former class mates.

Your mission is to destroy or capture the fire creature responsible for this destruction. Also, you are to assist any survivors that you encounter. Agent responsible for dealing with the fire creature will be awarded bonus mission points.

Access to the furnace has been largely cut off, but a team did find a alternate entrance through some vents located in a kitchen cooler.

1 – Burning Kitchens

You are greeted to the kitchen with a wave of warm air and energy. The temperature is high making it very hard for you to concentrate (-2 to all rolls during encounter). Multiple stove burners are bursting with flames that seem to have an intelligence behind it.

There are the burnt bodies of multiple staff members and student workers. While some of the bodies are charred to the bone, other’s flesh is searing bright amber and boiling as grotesque beetles swarm about the smoldering carcass. (beetle x5)

Gathering the beetles are two animated corpses, fire burning eternally in their eyes. They seem to work without instruction gathering the beetles into small glass jars. They seem to posses some significant magical strength as they sap the energy from the beetles before capturing them.

There are random fires throughout the kitchen causing the increase in temperature. They are are blocking areas within the kitchen. These fires burn strongly and walking through them would be unwise.

Tactics: Beetles are used to swarm and set fire to part members. Warlocks will use their transportation to get combat advantage and move quickly around the map. There is a sprinkler system that can be activated with two successful thievery (DC 12) or athletics (DC15). The sprinkler system will stop the burntrap.

2 – Cooler

Out of the frying pan…into the cooler. The sudden change in temperature is a shock to your system sending spasms of shivers coursing through your body. The air in the cooler is dry and crisp, leaving your throat with a mild harshness as you breath in.

As you walk further into the cooler you can see thick strands of frost forming around the enclosed space, larger than they should be as if you where traversing the cliff side of Everest instead of walking in a cooler. They seem to be closing in around you as if the room is alive. In the top west end wall you can see the entrance to the vent shaft, but it is frozen over.

The ice begins to close in around you when you realize there are froze bodies of previous students located within the frozen chamber. It is clearly noticeable that most of these bodies are missing a head as it had been severed at the collar. The Shrill voice of Eva Poe is heard echoing through the inter-com from the kitchen before, "Ah yes, those…where supposed to have been moved…but take note that you will be tossed away like trash should you ever fail us.

Arcana (DC: 18) – Characters making a successful arcana check can become in tune with the spirits of the dead ghosts. There a D4 is required to yield a result below.

  1. You feel the smallest sensation at the back of your neck grow in intensity as it begins to vibrate, a sudden burst of rawr heat erupts from within your throat melting your flesh as it envelopes your head. Screams of the dead flood your mind and you snap back to reality.
  2. In hush tones whispers of the names of previous students float around you. You can barely make out the words but you are sure one of the student’s name’s was Antigone.
  3. Marshmellows are delicious, and you agree.
  4. A vision of the Von Adler estate flashes before your eyes. There is a scene of a doctor tending to a pregnant woman. The woman shrieks as the door is closed ending your vision.

This trap covers a 7×7×7 area, filling it with a web of elemental ice. Creatures entering spaces containing the ice trigger an attack from the trap.

No check is necessary to notice the webs of elemental ice.

Arcana DC 18: The character recognizes the elemental ice for what it is, and that character and all allies gain a +2 bonus to Acrobatics checks made to navigate its spaces.

Trigger: When a creature enters a space containing the elemental ice web, the hazard attacks.

Attack: + 10 vs AC. Hit: 1d4 + 2, and the target is slowed and takes a -2 penalty to Will defense (save ends both). If the creature is already slowed, it becomes dazed (save ends) instead.

countermeasuers: Acrobatics DC15: A character entering one of the hazard’s spaces can make a skill check to gain a +4 bonus to AC against the hazard’s attacks until the start of the character’s next turn.

A character can attack a space containing the elemental ice web AC 23; 18 all; HP 100; Nul 10 necro)

2a – Vents

The Vents are frozen over. It will either take two successful turns of sustained fire damage to the ice covering the vent to free its edges or three turns of players chiseling the ice. If players have thief or climber tools the DC to chip the ice is 12. If not the DC to chip the ice is 15.

The vent has been freed from its frozen prison, as your team mates pry it open you begin to move in one by one. It takes a bit of effort to lift yourself in and squeeze in,and the cold has atrophied your muscles. Endurance DC 15. All players get -2 due to freezing. Failed players make a save. If the save is failed players take 1d12+5 dmg.

As you progress further down the vents you can faintly hear the muffle demands of Eva Poe. You are lea—— mi—- era. Con—- fading.

It can be assumed that Eva is unable to track your movements now that your are this far in the vents.

A faint beep seems to ring from within you as a small cautionary voice echoes in your thoughts, "Users have exited mission boundaries. Unit has activated self destruction. Destruction initiate in 10 minutes. Destruction can be cancelled upon successful completion of the current objective.

The vents are cramped and rigid with the cold, but as you inch your way down one behind the other you can feel the climate warm. The trek through the metal tunnels are welcomely uneventful and you find the exit leading into a large warehouse.

3 – Endless Pit

Crashing in from the darkened warehouse you enter a steel walkway over a giant pit. The pit looks bottomless below.

In the center a large hulking monster stands surrounded by more of the shadow things from before. The monster picks up a shadow creature and hurls one at the party. The throw goes wide sending the shadow creature spiraling harmlessly away from the group but falling into the pit below.



4 – Warehouse

From the vents you enter a large storage room filled with two rows of large wooden boxes. The boxes themselves are easily 20 feet tall and the ceiling extends three times past that. The light is dim and the spaces are cramped. There is a stillness in the air.


5 – Blood Chamber

After dealing with the void parallel room and approach the furnace area the heat rises around you forming a thin line of sweat on your brow. You enter the room, the ground boiling beneath your feet as this viscous monstrosity towers before you.

The beast doesn’t utter a roar but sounds like wet fire slithering against itself.


The last blow is struck to the beast and the liquid fire begins to recoil within itself forming a dense sphere of deep Crinsome, offset by a intense yet faint suction sound. The beast disapates and you find yourself in an empty room without much choice than to journey the way you came.

Once at the entrance to kitchens you are greeted again by Eva sporting a small computer tablet. She congratulates you on a job well done though a sudden bought of exhaustion seems to have come over you and you are having problems keeping your eyes open.


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