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Von Adler Academy Compendium

All you need to know to run this campaign and tons of resources for players to get ready to adventure on February 19, 2012.

Campaign Overview

Von Adler Academy Campaign module is an all Human campaign based on sci-fi/horror shows like Buffy, Doctor Who, or Supernatural. The campaign centers around a school setting. Adventurers will journey as students through four full years of schooling dealing with classes, grades, school clubs, while also encountering the paranormal, strange, and unspeakable.

The Campaign is broken up into school years and then further divided on a quarterly reporting system. Players will be challenged with keeping track of character’s school life as well as their adventuring career. In addition to being graded in the class-room setting, adventurers will receive grades based on performance in the adventure itself. These grades/scores will allow them to a tiered loot system players have access to at the end of every adventure.

Year One

It is the year of the bicentennial for the school. There is a thick energy buzzing around the campus as students and faculty alike await the momentous celebration happening at the year’s end. Rumor has it that one of the Von Adler descendants will be attending along with members from the board of directors.

Character Creation


Characters will begin this campaign at level one. This is a Human only campaign. Items accessible are based off PHB guidelines.


All player characters are students entering the academy for the first time providing the ability for exploration and discovery of the school’s history and secrets. Players can coordinate with the DM for additional background information based on their characters. Generally students are younger coming out of high school and entering this place of higher learning, though it isn’t uncommon to see more mature students roaming the halls of Von Adler in search of knowledge.

Direct ties to the academy must be ambiguous. No prior knowledge of the academy can not exist outside of personal character research. (Ex: Gage’s parents researching the academy as a tool to shape their child’s behavior.) Characters can not have worked directly for the school. Von Adler is very strict about previous alumni/faculty and does not accept registration to the school for those who have previously attended or worked there.

In addition, please fill out and complete the Character Bio form and added it to your character profile within the wiki. Information listed on your Character Bio will be taken into the consideration during the campaign.


Characters are required to pick one Theme for their character. Please choose from the list above and add to your character profile and character sheet.


Please provide a portrait of photographed human and deliver to the DM. The DM will upload your image once post-processing effects have been completed. Character Bios are also required to be filled out and will be issued by your DM.


As phrased beautifully by one of the campaign players, “According to character builder, at level 1 we get a mundane armor, mundane weapon, and a mundane shield/ammo/implement or what have you. Also, a whopping 10 gold.”

Unique Rule Additions/Modifications


Players in the Von Adler Academy will participate in a number of classroom studies and will be required to maintain a acceptable grade in order to have access to better equipment or gain benefits from extracurricular clubs/events. Full information on Grades can be found on it’s wiki page.


Players in the Von Adler Academy will have to manage the social pressures associated with school life. Balancing the opinions of friends and classmates is a delicate and active process based on key decision points. Full information on Popularity can be found on it’s wiki page.


The Calendar associated with the wiki is a Real-time calendar to the Von Adler Academy School year. This calendar DOES NOT track gameplay sessions but is another means to interact with the campaign.

Players are allowed to add calendar dates of their own specific to their characters. Have a band performance coming up in-game? Add it to the calendar! Also use the calendar to keep track of important events occurring in Tippler as well as at the Academy.

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