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Popularity is an active rating, updated per play session, to notate a player character’s social status among their peers. Your Popularity Score is calculated by an average of four popularity evaluations made by NPCs.

-NPC Popularity Evaluations – NCPE

NPC Popularity Evaluations (or NCPE) consist of four active scores, PASi, that can be changed by player decisions during the campaign. These scores range from 1-10 and averaged together to decide how a NPC views/interacts with your character. This average is called Fondness. Each NPC’s Fondness is added together to determine a character’s NCPE


PASi are the four active scores (Personality, Attractiveness, Skill, Intelligence) that determine an NPC’s Fondness for a player character.


Fondness is calculated by averaging the four active PASi scores. Fondness is added to a player’s overall NCPE.

-How Popularity Affects the Characters

While classmate NPCs focus on their Fondness to make decision on a player character. The rest of the Tippler’s citizens rely on a character’s NCPE. Player Character’s reputation very much proceeds them when it comes to doing tasks around town or interacting with Faculty members. Below is a chart of NCPE ranges and some of the associated affects they have on players.

NCPE Range Effect
0-10 You are an outcast of the current town you are residing in. Expect no favors from anyone in town.
10-20 While most people will never acknowledge your existence, it doesn’t mean they will go out of their way to hurt you either.
20-30 You don’t have many friends. People still don’t make any large attempts to interact with you, but at least they don’t ignore you.
30-40 Too normal to be taken seriously. People are at least curdious and polite to you, even if its not sincere.
40-50 You are neither significant or insignificant. People remember your name and are not prone to make fun of you, but you are still boring.
50-60 Oh hey. People notice you. In fact, you might have a couple of friends. Good on you.
60-70 You can feel it, you are almost there on the cusp of being “cool.” People generally like you and are willing to consider your thoughts.
70-80 Well liked be everyone. Things just seem to be easier in a social setting.
80-90 Definitely cool. Sometimes people just give you things. Cause you’re awesome.
90-99 Your popularity transcends that of a mortal. Faculty members are also likely to look away at some of your more… mischievous acts.
100+ What can you not do? Influence those of lesser popularity without trying. However you risk the greatest down fall…


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